Giving Options

The Foundation offers two types of giving options.

  1.  Endowment
    With an endowment fund you can create a charitable fund
    that will not only benefit the community today, but also in the foreseeable future.  Your gift will be invested and the earnings generated will be used to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.Grants will be made in the name of the fund you established so that your charitable wishes will be preserved.  This is a wonderful way for your loved ones and the community to remember you.
  2. General Donation
    Your tax deductible donation will be pooled with other donations into a general fund.  By pooling donations into one fund the Foundation is able to generate more earnings to benefit charities in the community.

Types of Gifts

The Bradford West Gwillimbury & District Community Foundation accepts the following gifts.

  • Gifts of Cash
    This is a a donation made to the Foundation in cash or by cheque.  This allows the donor to make an immediate donation.  The Foundation is then able to invest the donation from the giving date to start generating funds to support charities.  The donor obtains an immediate tax saving by receiving a tax-credit.
  • Gifts of Real Estate
    The donor identifies the real estate property they would like to give.  The donor should get an appraisal of the property to establish the estimated retail value.  The donor can give the real estate outright or retain the use of the property during their lifetime and make a planned gift to the Foundation.  The gift of property qualifies for a tax credit based on its full market value.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities
    The donor can make a gift of eligible securities directly to the Foundation.  This gift will qualify for a tax credit and the donor will avoid the capital gains tax that would otherwise arise from the sale of this stock.
  • Bequests
    The donor includes the Foundation in their will as a bequest.  The charitable gift is eligible for a tax credit for estate tax purposes.  The gift can take the form of cash, appreciated stocks, or other assets.  Some of the most tax-efficient assets types for donors to give through their will come from appreciated stocks, RRSPs and RIFs.
  • Life Insurance
    The donor make the Foundation the owner and irrevocable beneficiary to the life insurance policy (this can be a paid up policy or the donor can continue to pay premiums).  The donor will receive a tax credit for the fair market value of the policy.  If the policy is paid up, there will be an immediate tax credit.  If it is not, then the donor can claim continuing tax credits on premium payments made directly or through gifts to the Foundation.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    The donor transfers cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets into a trust and makes the Foundation the irrevocable beneficiary.  This trust allows the donor to arrange the gift today and receive an immediate tax receipt while continuing to enjoy the income, or use, of the gifted asset during their lifetime.  Upon the donor’s death or after defined period of years, the remaining assets in the trust will transfer to the Foundation.